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🤔 Wtf?

<aside> 🔭 Vision We imagine a world in which most of our users' time is spent with good friends, creating new memories and a sense of belonging. In order to achieve it, we are creating a new category of multiplayer experiences, between social & games.


<aside> ⛔ Targeted problem Despite spending more and more time online, we feel more isolated than ever. 1st gen of social apps are centered on individuals. Most communication apps are dull. The best online interactions now happen in full-fledged games where people stay for the socialization. Unfortunately, lot of people are still missing out!


<aside> ✨ Our solution Uku is the junction between a discord voice chat and a mobile game (here is a sneak peek in fr). It allows groups of friends to meet and chill in a 3D room, live new adventures, customise and earn money along the way.

Come for the communication, stay for the game.


📍 Where are we?

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We are busy building since July 2021. We are designing, prototyping & testing the alpha, while recruiting the first users. Read more about our building principles.

We are an experienced & full-stack team: Thomas (CEO ∙ xBrain, Sigfox), Olivier (Product∙ Comet, MM), Hugo (Tech ∙ MEE6, MM), Paul (Design ∙ Makata)

We raised our pre-seed. We are now 100% focused on building & looking for the best people out there to join us, convinced that social winter is over and that platforms can create a compelling experience, sharing aligned incentives w/ their users. Feel free to contact us!

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